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the summer in (eric’s) photos

Currently, I have four new recipes scribbled down and photo-documented, ready to post to the blog.  And two partially written posts are saved as drafts (and have been that way for weeks.)  But since my blogging consistency seems to be … Continue reading

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ten signs you *might* be sleep deprived

How would I know anything about sleep deprivation? 😉  (In case you’re actually wondering this, let me tell you…) All of our kids are fairly good sleepers, I’d say.  They’ve all had their “phases” where they might have a rough … Continue reading

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for real {laundry vs. apple pie}

Lest anyone dare to think that I have it all together and my priorities are perfectly in order… This is the current state of my clean laundry: And this is what the kids and I spent half the morning working … Continue reading

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forever parenting

I recently started reading Paul David Tripp’s book, Forever, and I’ve been painfully reminded of how often I suffer from “eternity amnesia.”  In this broken and harsh world, it’s easy to forget that we are eternal beings who are created … Continue reading

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southwestern bean & quinoa burgers {and some major changes}

We currently have a few major eating-lifestyle transformations brewing in our home.  At least, they’re major to me!  We’ve been gradually tweaking our diets here and there for a while now (the dietitian in me won’t ever let me rest!), … Continue reading

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here comes autumn {& a 6-month-old}

In case you didn’t already know… It’s September!! It seems to me that summers fly by faster every year.  I do love autumn, though, and I always look forward to the changing aspens, hot chocolate in the mornings, and fires … Continue reading

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a bear-induced adrenaline rush

For anyone who didn’t see my Facebook updates earlier this week…I’ve got an interesting story for you. First of all, let me say that I do try to be very careful about the kids playing outside.  We have a fairly … Continue reading

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waldo canyon fire (in our backyard)

I know most people have likely heard about the wildfires plaguing Colorado over the last few weeks.  I thought I’d post an update in case anyone was wondering where we are and how we’re doing in relation to the fires… … Continue reading

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a day in the (chou) life {grace laced mondays}

It’s a bit chaotic around here at times.  Most of the time, really.  This is the first year we’ve homeschooled with any sort of consistency, and after adding a fourth little one to the mix in March, it’s not easy … Continue reading

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who would’ve thought?

Our conversation went something like this: “Mama, am I always going to be five?  It’s taking SO LONG to turn six!  Why does EVERYTHING take so long?”  (Emphasis hers, not mine.) “Well, Calla, the truth is that life actually passes … Continue reading

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