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winter squash recipe ideas

  I’m over at Springs Bargains today with some ideas for what to make with winter squash!  Butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squash are all $0.49/lb (a GREAT price) at Sprouts this week. You can view the post here: What To … Continue reading

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empty-the-fridge chapchae {korean glass noodles}

For the first seven years of marriage, I managed to avoid cooking Asian-inspired meals for the most part.  I had basically zero experience with Asian cooking, and for some reason I was intimidated by it.  (Could it be because I … Continue reading

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goings on {a week in photos}

Whew. The last three months have been a blur.  The last three weeks have been even fuzzier.  It started in early September with visits from three sets of family (which was awesome!) … and shortly after that, out of the … Continue reading

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pumpkin tomato soup

I am a serious pumpkin addict.  During pumpkin season, I rarely let a day go by where I don’t make or consume something with pumpkin in it.  I recently bought a bunch of pie pumpkins for 25 cents a pound … Continue reading

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changing the way we eat {two months in}

A couple of months ago (the second week of September, to be exact) we began making significant changes in the way we eat. We had decided — after watching a few different documentaries (like Forks Over Knives…Fat, Sick & Nearly … Continue reading

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creamy brown rice pudding

About six months ago, we purchased a 12-pound bag of organic short grain brown rice from Costco.  We’d rarely eaten brown rice up to that point, and I was hopeful that I could transition the family from our beloved white … Continue reading

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how to brew kombucha at home

Kombucha — have you heard of it?  This tangy, fizzy, fermented tea drink is growing in popularity, and you can find it in any given health store and even in most regular grocery stores.  The potential health benefits of kombucha … Continue reading

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southwestern bean & quinoa burgers {and some major changes}

We currently have a few major eating-lifestyle transformations brewing in our home.  At least, they’re major to me!  We’ve been gradually tweaking our diets here and there for a while now (the dietitian in me won’t ever let me rest!), … Continue reading

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who would’ve thought?

Our conversation went something like this: “Mama, am I always going to be five?  It’s taking SO LONG to turn six!  Why does EVERYTHING take so long?”  (Emphasis hers, not mine.) “Well, Calla, the truth is that life actually passes … Continue reading

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zuppa toscana (sausage & potato soup)

Once, years ago, I ordered a bowl of Zuppa Toscana (Tuscan Soup) at Olive Garden.  It’s been a while, but I do remember thinking that I had to find a similar recipe.  The soup was so rich and tasty!  Well, … Continue reading

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