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a mother’s day poem {by eric}

What can I say about my mother? I have just the one and no other. She labored and brought me into this world; Whenever I was sad, in her arms I was curled. She was my friend, she was my … Continue reading

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{a productive} eight years

Eight years ago, in the enchanting state of New Mexico, two college students were married… They lived in Albuquerque, in a little third-floor apartment.  The couple had a baby girl and after a few years, they moved to a mountain … Continue reading

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the summer in (eric’s) photos

Currently, I have four new recipes scribbled down and photo-documented, ready to post to the blog.  And two partially written posts are saved as drafts (and have been that way for weeks.)  But since my blogging consistency seems to be … Continue reading

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30 years for my love {and a few things he’s taught me}

Today is a significant one in the Chou Household — Eric turns 30! We’re celebrating with a quiet, beef bulgogi- and cupcake-filled evening at home (which is typically how we prefer to spend birthdays.  Neither of us is much of … Continue reading

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anniversary poem to my first wife

  Another year, another baby; Done at last, but there’s always maybe Room for one more in our little abode. At least we have more than one commode.   The things we share, The things we bear: Tummy aches and … Continue reading

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birthday sonnet a la carte (to my wife)

(Thanks to Ruth for the photo) Today is a special day for my beautiful wife; She is my favorite, the love of my life. My faithful companion and my best friend; Always able to help and willing to lend…   … Continue reading

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Feminine Appeal (The Delight of Loving My Husband)

It’s been an “interesting” week so far, hence my absence here!  Four out five of us (that would be everyone but Eric!) have been fighting colds and coughs since last weekend.  The kiddos have handled it well, but sleep has … Continue reading

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randomly hilarious

Sometimes we end up with photos that are just too funny not to be shared.  Eric’s phone is a great place to find these randomly hilarious pictures.  Remember these? So here are our most recent random phone pics, in no … Continue reading

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amazing aspens

I LOVE this time of year.  (Who doesn’t, really?)  One of my favorite parts of autumn is our annual aspen drive.  We take the winding road to Cripple Creek, oohing and aahing over the beautiful, fiery landscape. We made the … Continue reading

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my birthday boy

Tomorrow is Eric’s birthday…he’ll be starting the last year of his twenties!  What a young’un. 🙂 Yesterday we had the privilege of a date night to celebrate while the kiddos stayed with my parents. We talked and laughed over sushi, … Continue reading

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