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If you ever take a peek into our pantry, you might wonder about our apparent obsession with Irish cream whiskey.  Eric’s boss gives his employees a gigantic bottle of Baileys every year at Christmas…and we discovered a few nights ago that we still had the bottles from 2010 and 2011 (plus last year’s bottle.)  The oldest one was expired so we had to dump it out…and I hate throwing away food, even if it IS Irish cream.

So I made fudge.  Baileys makes some great desserts, and I think Baileys fudge is my favorite.  Here’s the basic recipe I follow — it’s so easy and so delicious!

Irish Cream Truffle Fudge

1 1/2 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

1/2 c. white (vanilla) chips

2 T. butter

1 c. powdered sugar

1/2 c. Irish cream liqueur

Top layer:

3/4 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 T. butter

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Lightly grease an 8×8″ baking dish.  In a heavy saucepan, melt chocolate chips, white chips, and butter over low heat, stirring often.  Be careful not to overheat or burn the mixture.  When melted and smooth, remove from heat.  Add powdered sugar and Irish cream.  Stir until well combined, then pour into greased pan.

Using a separate saucepan (or the original pan, washed and thoroughly dried) over low heat, melt the chocolate chips and butter for the top layer.  When melted and smooth, remove from heat and stir in vanilla.  Spread over the top of the fudge.

Place in the refrigerator for at least an hour (or the freezer for 15 minutes, if you’re impatient like me!) before cutting and serving.  Allow the fudge to sit at room temperature for a few minutes before cutting.




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  1. Tess says:

    Dear Abby,

    How about I DON’T wait for it to cool and just eat it with a spoon. 🙂 I suppose that would lend the same chocogratification…don’t you? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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