my ducks in a row {the last few weeks}

I like my kids.  I took this photo with my phone last week before heading to a graduation party.  The kids were freshly bathed and wearing clean clothes — it was a rare moment that I just had to document!  And whaddya know, they all looked at the camera and smiled AT THE SAME TIME.

So then I took one of myself with the kids.  Not everyone is looking and smiling, but at least you don’t see the back of anyone’s head. 🙂

It’s nice to step outside without putting on my winter coat first.  We’ve had feet upon feet of snow in the last couple of months (which is a blessing I’m very thankful for!) but I’m looking forward to summer and lots of sunshine.  I took the next two photos toward the end of April…

And here’s one more photo just for laughs.  We went to the Asian market over the weekend, and one of the kiddos’ favorite things to do is stare longingly at the roasted ducks.  These kids are natural carnivores — all four of them!



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