kids and their tree

I’m pretty sure we have the cheapest, least realistic Christmas tree on the block.  Probably in the whole neighborhood.  (We did discover it — nicely packed into its box — while dumpster-diving years ago in Albuquerque.)  But with young kiddos, the quality or size of the tree itself doesn’t seem to matter.

Our kids think our tree is the greatest — they love digging through our Christmas decoration bins and picking out their favorite ornaments to hang and the longest strands of tinsel to string.  (I personally DO NOT like tinsel, but in their minds the tree isn’t complete without the shiny stuff.)

I had to use a flash in these pics, so it looks like there aren't any lights on the tree. There are, really. Just believe me.

I have to admit, I’m partial to our tree too.  It’s not too big, not too small, and each of the ornaments is special (…almost all of them were given to me by my grandparents or parents.)  I love turning on the lights early in the morning, when it’s dark outside and the kids are still in bed.

One problem with irreplaceable ornaments is, well, that you can’t replace them.  Thankfully, only two ornaments were broken (and the baby was ok) after this happened last week…

What about you?  What kind of Christmas tree does your family have?  Do you decorate it with coordinating ornaments or a sentimental mish-mash?


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4 Responses to kids and their tree

  1. Megan says:

    We did the pretty tree with a coordinating color scheme before kids. Now it is full of colored lights and mismatched ornaments (that get rearranged and played with daily)…and the kids love it.

  2. Laura says:

    We have a big family tree in the living room that is ornaments from Michael and I and ones the girls have made. We usually get ornaments as souvenirs so those are on there too.

    The girls each have a tree in their room. They decorate it and redecorate those. All of their ornaments (personalized, hallmark yearly ones, cute ones they pick out on clearance) go on the those trees. We keep the ornaments separate and in their own plastic totes. We also put in anything they made worthy of keeping, other decorations, stockings, ect. When they move out, they will have some Christmas for their own homes.

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