a family visit {only two months late}

I spent a few minutes yesterday going through photos on the computer from the past year.  I came across pictures from two months ago, when we enjoyed visits from my brother and his family, Eric’s sister and her family, and Eric’s parents, all in the span of a couple of weeks.  I am very thankful for these visits with family who live out of state.  We are incredibly blessed with amazing family members on all sides.  The cousins are now old enough to remember each other between visits, and they have a great time playing together when they have the chance…which makes me SO HAPPY!

I forgot to post the pictures back in September, so here they are now!  (A few of these were taken with my phone, so please pardon the fuzziness!)

A couple of guys are missing from this pic: my bro Caleb, who's behind the camera, and Eric, who was at work!


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  1. BreannaS says:

    Beautiful Pictures. I saw some from you visit on gracelaced but enjoyed seeing your side of the family!

  2. Megan says:

    Love, love, love the grandparents with their grandkids pics. There are lots of boys on both sides!

  3. All these pictures are so beautiful, love them!

    By the way, happy birthday, Baobei! Have you read my blog today?

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