the summer in (eric’s) photos

Currently, I have four new recipes scribbled down and photo-documented, ready to post to the blog.  And two partially written posts are saved as drafts (and have been that way for weeks.)  But since my blogging consistency seems to be directly tied to my sleeping habits (more sleep = more blogging) I haven’t been at the computer much lately.

Instead of recipes or whatever else it is I’ve saved, how about some of Eric’s Instagram photos?  He took all of these over the last several months with his phone (which takes much better pictures than mine) and posted them to Instagram with a variety of different filters and effects.

Here they are, in no particular order, with Eric’s captions included…

Mid-afternoon dollar theater premier of The Avengers in 3D. All the big celebs showed up...Jessica Alba, Tom Cruise, and Rick Moranis.

Helping Grandpa with the truck


Kung fu and coffee. Saturday morning training.

Hudson and his "mad" face

Bo-ninos and friends. Chillin' on a Sunday afternoon.

The Kung Fu Fetus: as sifu Chris calls him.

Camping with a chemlight

The Boulder in the aspen. No trees were harmed in the making of this photo.

Very proud of my warrior princess. First kung fu talent show demonstration.

Hanging out by the fire with Earl.

Canine candid. Keuma is a handsome boy, except for his zombie eyes. {He's blind.}

Crummy day at work.

Hudson Grylls. This kid eats everything. {chicken feet}

My little chinky nugget

Sunday evening -- sunset was a little brisk

Baby Schweppes and Chinky Nugget at CostCo

"Look, Baba, scary stuff!"

Break time {safety glasses}

Rock 'n' Roll baby rocks, but not too hard.

Close-up of my work

Gritty toddler

Grandma Lao Lao time -- nightshoot with red headlamp


Buncha moochers! {at Lake George Pizza}



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  1. Grandma LaoLao says:

    Enjoyed viewing the photos, and felt honored to be part of the show. 🙂

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