first hike

We went on our first hike of the year–and Baby Boulder’s first hike ever–last weekend.  We had to burn off some of those bacon calories, you know!

It was a beautiful day, perfect for a hike.  (I love that this trail is less than ten minutes from our house!)

Hudson graduated from riding along in the baby backpack to being a real hiker.  He even got to carry his Baba’s hatchet!  (It’s nearly as long as his leg.) 🙂 …

Calla was a good big sis, showing her little brother the ropes of hiking…

Keuma got to tag along, and he and Eric played search-and-rescue with his beloved stick along the way…

I love my little hiking buddies…

The hike was just too much for this little guy, and he promptly fell asleep (just as our older kiddos have always done in the backpack)…

You didn’t know my hubby’s a tree-hugger, did you? 😉

We love hiking!


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3 Responses to first hike

  1. Grandma Lao-Lao says:

    O can’t wait to hike with you all someday. Miss you! Love you!

  2. I love this! I need to go on a hike now. You look fabulous, btw. 🙂


  3. This looks like a a lot of fun–I wish that my family would go on hikes together too :] I tried to get my parents to hike with me on my last co-op placement…but they got tired midway ;p

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