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Whole Foods occasionally has some really good one-day sales, and once in a while I have make the opportunity to drive the 45 minutes to shop these sales…like I did several weeks ago when Crave Brothers mascarpone cheese (8 oz) was buy one, get one free!  I’m sure there are a million and one things you can make with mascarpone, but the first that comes to my mind is tiramisu.  Because I love coffee.  And I love custard.  And I love whipped cream.  I’m pretty sure tiramisu is tied (with coconut cake) for the #1 spot as my favorite dessert.

I’ve made tiramisu before, but only in faux form, with pound cake instead of ladyfingers and cream cheese instead of mascarpone.  This was my first attempt at “real” tiramisu…and I don’t think I’m ever going back to the not-real thing again!

Real Tiramisu 🙂 (adapted from Tiramisu II)

2 eggs

4 egg yolks

1/2 c. white sugar

1/3 c. milk

1/4 c. maple syrup

1 1/2 c. heavy whipping cream

2 T. confectioners’ sugar

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 lb. mascarpone cheese

1/2 c. strong brewed coffee, room temperature

2 T. rum

2 (3.5 oz) packages ladyfinger cookies

1 T. unsweetened baking cocoa

In a medium saucepan, whisk together eggs, egg yolks and sugar.  Whisk in milk and cook over medium heat until mixture boils, stirring constantly.  Whisk in maple syrup and boil gently for one minute.  Remove from heat, cool slightly, and cover.  Refrigerate at least one hour.

In a medium mixing bowl, beat cream until stiff peaks form.  (Make sure they’re stiff, not soft!)  Beat in confectioners sugar and vanilla; set aside.

Beat mascarpone into egg mixture on low until smooth.

In a small bowl, combine coffee and rum.  Brush ladyfingers on one side with coffee mixture.  (I used Natural Nectar ladyfingers from Whole Foods…they’re perfect for tiramisu!)

Arrange ladyfingers, soaked side up, in an 8×8 (or similar size) dish.  Spread half of the mascarpone/egg mixture over ladyfingers, then spread with half the whipped cream.

Repeat layers, cover and refrigerate.  Allow to sit at least 24 hours for best flavor.  Just before serving, sprinkle with cocoa.

I made the mistake of not beating the cream long enough.  I tend to get a teeny bit impatient when I’m doing anything that requires multiple steps… So my whipped cream was a little on the droopy side.  The sad-looking whipped cream did affect the presentation, but not the flavor.  The taste is just as good–if not better–than what you can get at a restaurant.

I know what Calla and I are having for snack time this afternoon. 😉



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  1. Kerry says:

    Yummm …. that looks delicious!

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