pistachio soup (i mean, pudding)

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for pistachio pudding from Heavenly Homemakers for several weeks.  I finally got around to it yesterday evening, after putting the kids and Eric to work shelling pistachios. 🙂

Hudson stuck around after his pistachio-shelling (and eating) duties were over to “help” me out.  He was actually a really good little assistant, smashing pistachios…

…whisking egg yolks… (The bowl of egg yolks was on the counter next to the stove.  I know it looks like he’s stirring the saucepan on the stove, but he’s not, I promise.  I’m not that negligent.) 😉

I used Grade B maple syrup in the pudding, and wow, did it taste good.  Grade B is stronger and darker (and better-tasting, in my opinion) than Grade A…kinda counter-intuitive, I know.

Unfortunately, the pudding didn’t really thicken like it should have even after I added an extra egg yolk and an extra teaspoon of cornstarch (maybe due to the high altitude??…I’m not sure) but the taste is incredible.  I’m planning to make this again and try tweaking it even more.

For now, the soupy pudding is fantastic mixed with some whipped cream…it’s a little lighter and the perfect consistency.

Any tips on cooking homemade pudding at high altitude?


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