day at the zoo

Free admission (to pretty much anything) makes me happy.  We got into the Denver Zoo for free yesterday, which fortunately was one of the most gorgeous days of the year.  (Everyone else in the Denver area decided to take advantage of the free day as well, so it was a little crowded in some spots, but it did make for interesting people-watching.  If I’d gotten up the nerve I would have sneaked in some pics of the more “colorful” people…but I was too scared of being caught 🙂 ).

Eric had to work (bummer!) but the kids and I met up with my parents and brothers.  (I was curious what people thought when they saw our group… Who’s married to who?… How does that towering teenager fit into the picture? … And why do those little kids look nothing like anyone else in the group?)  Ha.


I’m convinced my kids would live at the zoo if I let them.  We were there for nearly SEVEN hours yesterday and I never heard a whine or complaint from any of them.

Take a look at the pics from our zoo trip in February of last year… the kiddos have grown so much since then!

I’m hoping to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in December for their Electric Safari.  Now I just have to figure out how to get into that for free! 🙂


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  1. One thing that I enjoy is looking back at all of your posts that I haven’t read yet, it’s really neat. It’s funny how this past summer, I dragged all of my family (mum,dad,bro,sis) to the zoo too, except that at the time, all the kids were in their teens. My parents were exhausted following their kids running up and down hills. Funny enough, I bet your youngins did the same too.

    If you ever wonder what people think about when they see your group…I can share what I think. Maybe it’s because I’m a part of a minority ethnic group, but I always feel a little thrill. Everybody’s going to love EVERYBODY in the future. Have you heard of Russell Peters, the comedian? He made a joke once that everyone in the future will be beige from intermarrying. What an awesome future! I don’t know about the beige part though.

    I like the ox picture.

    • lettucepraise says:

      It is cool, huh, the whole intermarrying/beige thing! 🙂 It’s funny because I personally don’t think much about how our family looks, but sometimes I wonder about how we appear to others. Hopefully groups like ours are becoming more and more “normal”!


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