popcorn and chocolate

Microwave popcorn is so darn expensive.  And not all that healthy, especially if it’s “movie theater butter” flavor!  Non-organic popcorn is on the FDA’s list of top ten foods most contaminated with toxic chemicals and pesticides.

What’s the solution?  Organic popcorn kernels, popped at home on the stovetop: much more affordable and a lot healthier.

  • Choose a pot or saucepan that will hold six cups of popped corn.
  • Coat the bottom of the pot with oil–preferably one with a high smoking point.  I use coconut and/or safflower oil.
  • Place on stovetop over medium heat; add 3-4 popcorn kernels and cover the pot.  When the kernels start to pop, the oil is hot enough.
  • Add 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels; place the lid back on the pot.
  • Shake the pot back and forth on the burner until popping slows to about 3 seconds between pops.
  • Season however you’d like!  {We like ours drizzled with a little melted butter and sprinkled with sea salt.}

I admit that I do resort to microwave popcorn once in a while if I’m in a hurry and the kids need a quick snack, but stovetop popcorn is what we prefer.  The extra 4-5 minutes are worth it!

{Can you tell? — I’ve been taking pictures with my phone since I’m too lazy (and my kids don’t stay still long enough) to mess with a manual focus}

If you’d like something sweet, try this recipe for chocolate popcorn…

Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn

4 c. popped corn

1/4 c. sugar

2 T. honey

3 T. cocoa powder + 2 tsp.

3 T. butter

1/8 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 250.  Grease a large cookie sheet.  Place popcorn in a large bowl.  Stir together sugar, honey, 2 T. cocoa powder, butter, and salt in a small saucepan over medium heat until boiling.  Boil one minute, then add vanilla.  Pour chocolate mixture over popcorn and stir until incorporated (popcorn won’t be completely coated).  Spread in prepared pan and sprinkle with remaining cocoa powder.  Bake 20 minutes, stirring once.  Remove and cool (if you can wait that long!); store in airtight container.

{If you want your popcorn completely coated, simply double the chocolate sauce recipe!}

It’s yummy as a snack and sweet enough for a dessert, with all the benefits of dark chocolate!  Mmm mmm good.


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9 Responses to popcorn and chocolate

  1. Mom says:

    Yummy! Must try the chocolate popcorn! Thanks for sharing, Sis!

  2. We’ve been popping our own popcorn too! Bear with me, but I love to sprinkle a bit of sugar (a la kettle corn) and cumin. I know. Weird.

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Nan and I decided it is what we are making for family time tonight.

    We have a hot air popper…very old school but kids love it! Whenever Nan has a slumber party the girls go crazy over it! So then it has to be brought out on subsequent play dates. I really think that most kids have never seen popcorn made without a microwave!

  4. Great Grandma says:

    Good stuff, Abby. Not sure I can get organic popcorn here. But Kansas City is getting 2 Trader Joe’s Markets soon. Hopefully we can get there.

  5. Sarah Burton says:

    Oh my gosh, Trader Joe’s in KC??? I can’t tell you how many times I pined for a Trader Joe’s when I lived there…wonder if they’ll put one in here in Spfd? We do have several good natural markets here…but I’d love the addition of a TJ’s.

    Love the recipe–it’s on the docket to try soon. I am a popcorn fiend and have been aiming to make the switch to stove pop only because of the chemicals and also because microwave popcorn creates so much trash. Thanks for sharing!

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