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Random fact: South Park is a 10,000-foot elevation grassland basin in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado.  One of the creators of the South Park animated TV show (which I’ve never seen) grew up in the South Park of Colorado.

On Wednesday, we visited “South Park City,” an outdoor museum reconstructed from the original pieces found in various mining ghost towns of South Park, Colorado.  South Park City is in the town of Fairplay, which is just over an hour northwest of Woodland Park.

The museum consists of thirty-four historic buildings that contain TONS of original artifacts from the late 1800s.  A large part of the museum is dedicated to mining history.  It’s very hands-on and kept the kids thoroughly entertained.

My grandparents are visiting from out of town and they enjoyed the rich history of the museum, some of which was familiar to them from their parents’ and grandparents’ era.

The kids’ favorites were the multi-car train and the cute little {stinky} goats…

The adults had fun playing around too… 🙂

If you ever happen to drive through Fairplay, be sure to stop for a couple of hours at South Park City.  It’s well worth the time (especially if you have curious kiddos!)


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  1. Mama says:

    What a fun trip! I like the pictures, especially the one you took with your mom and grandma; simply lovely!

  2. Karen says:

    Well Vicki I’m glad you were able to get Garry to finally take his yearly bath! Got to get Tim over to South Park for his bath, too! Great pictures Abby

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